As I understand it, dxf comes in a range of format types. QGIS (v2.0 'Dufour') can export any layer to a dxf file. However I have a hydraulic modelling package which relies upon importing the dxf file as the R12 format.

This import does not seem to work. I was wondering which dxf format does QGIS export to? If it is not R12, this may be the reason why this is not working.

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QGIS is built with GDAL/OGR which exports to AutoCAD 2000 DXF format (which means so does the ogr2ogr utility). I don't know what version GRASS writes to (in Processing Toolbox), so that may be worth some research. If you get stuck here is a Python library that writes to R12. You would need to write a script to import ogr or shapely (or similar) to read your geometry and then implement a loop to cycle through the features and punt them out to your R12 file.

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