I have a bunch of shapefiles that I am looping in with a bash script to load and update files but the ogr2ogr fails. I am running gdal 1.92 on ubuntu 14.04.

for file in `ls *.shp`;do ogr2ogr -progress -append -update -skipfailures -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -nlt MULTIPOLYGON -f "PostgreSQL" PG:"dbname=data_test" $file -sql "SELECT gid,name,id from ${file%.*}" -lco SCHEMA=test;done

ERROR 1: Layer test.boundary already exists, CreateLayer failed.Use the layer creation option OVERWRITE=YES to replace it.

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May be documented in http://www.gdal.org/drv_pg.html. Perhaps ogr2ogr do not undestand to append either.

SCHEMA: Set name of schema for new table. Using the same layer name in different schemas is supported, but not in the public schema and others. Note that using the -overwrite option of ogr2ogr and -lco SCHEMA= option at the same time will not work, as the ogr2ogr utility will not understand that the existing layer must be destroyed in the specified schema. Use the -nln option of ogr2ogr instead, or better the active_schema connection string. See below example.

The active_schema example is on another page http://www.gdal.org/drv_pg_advanced.html

This example shows how to convert a set of shapefiles inside the apt200810 directory into an existing Postgres schema apt200810. In that example, we could have use the schemas= option instead. (Starting with GDAL 1.7.0)

ogr2ogr -f PostgreSQL "PG:dbname=warmerda active_schema=apt200810" apt200810

  • redefining the postgis connection for a different schema did the trick. wonder why it doesn't work Sep 11, 2014 at 12:08

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