We have a replica between our sql server geoDB and another sql server geoDB. It is a one-way replica and our geoDB is the child. Recently an error occurs (error 000582). I searched for the cause of the error and got from ESRI forum which said:

This error can occur if one or more of the feature classes and datasets are not versioned or don't have GlobalIDs."

Details check: https://geonet.esri.com/thread/52003.

The feature classes and datasets are not versioned or don't have GlobalIDs,

May I confirm is the issue from the parent side?

Now the user want to see the official support for description of the error, but I failed to find it.

I want to check whether there is a source which list all the replica errors and the cause for them. I am using ArcSDE 10.1.


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The advice offered from the posting that you cited is:

Try adding the data you want to replicate to ArcMap, and then using the Create Replica command off the Distributed Geodatabase toolbar instead of the GP tool. The error messages it provides are more complete than when using the GP tool.

I recommend following that advice and, if the resultant error message does not provide easier to interpret information, then at least you have another symptom to research/ask about.

This is the documentation for 000582 : Error occurred during execution.


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