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I'm fairly new to ArcGIS for Desktop and i want to import my excel table to my personal gdb but i end up getting an error code:001156 and my import fails.

I soon found out that it was the lengthy structural descriptions in my table.

Is there anyway that I can increase the text cap within ArcCatalog.

im not really good with Python either.

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My understanding is that the maximum field length for a Personal Geodatabase text field is 255 characters.

For a File Geodatabase the same limit appears to be 2,147,483,647 (see Maximimum length of text fields in shapefile and geodatabase formats?).

For this and many other reasons I prefer to always use File Geodatabases rather than Personal Geodatabases.

I recommend that you create a File Geodatabase by right-clicking on a folder in the Catalog window of ArcMap (or in ArcCatalog), or by using the Create File GDB (Data Management) tool.

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