I send GetFeatureInfo request to server with ajax and get the featureset data. I want to zoom a selected feature.

Object {type: "Feature", id: "mydata.39025", geometry: Object, geometry_name: "geom", properties: Object…}

Selected feature can be a point, multilinestring, polygon. So I can not cast it as an OpenLayers.Geometry.Point, or OpenLayers.Geometry.Polyline.

How can I zooom it?


A late answer :-)

Every feature has an ol.geometry object, and an ol.geometry has an ol.Extent object, which is an array of numbers representing an extent: [minx, miny, maxx, maxy].

You can use this extent to calculate the center coordinate and to set the map->view center to this position. Afterwards you can calculate a resolution and set this to the view.

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