I need to install a server Gis open source

I have to change for economic issues Arcgis server

you could support me with recommendations for servers, open sorces docuemntacion of instalcion

I would like to have geoprocessing services Geocoding services Network analysis services Service Manager workflow

  • you are already tagging your question with the good answer – geogeek Sep 16 '14 at 14:41
  • there is some possibilities: mapserver, geoserver, geodjango are well-known and you'll find plenty documention on internet on those products – Below the Radar Sep 16 '14 at 14:43

There are many open source software and approaches for your question but I suggest options:

GeoServer (www.geoserver.org) - Webmapping server developed in Java by OpenGeo. You can find lots of documentation online (look for the tutorials in the OpenGeo site). GeoServer has a very friendly admin interface so you can install and start publishing your geo data very quickly.

MapServer (www.mapserver.org) - Very traditional webmapping server! You will find many products developed over MapServer. There is lots of documentation online.

Others options: MapProxy/Mapnik, MapBox, CartoDB, etc. MapBox and CartoDB are more cloud solutions but it can useful (depends on your project requirements).

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