I want to user geoserver rest api in netbeans. i create new Maven Web Application project:

enter image description here

and then edit pom.xml like following:

add repository:


add dependency:


and then create new index.jsp file and then add to body tag following code:

    String RESTURL  = "http://localhost:1234/geoserver/rest";
    String RESTUSER = "admin";
    String RESTPW   = "geoserver";
    GeoServerRESTReader reader = new GeoServerRESTReader(RESTURL, RESTUSER, RESTPW);
    GeoServerRESTPublisher publisher = new GeoServerRESTPublisher(RESTURL, RESTUSER, RESTPW);
    boolean created = publisher.createWorkspace("myWorkspace");

and then add to top of the file:

<%@ page import="it.geosolutions.geoserver.rest.GeoServerRESTPublisher" %>
<%@ page import="it.geosolutions.geoserver.rest.GeoServerRESTReader"%>

when i run this file occur following:

enter image description here

where is problem? how can i solve it?

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For using geoserver-manager with Maven, follow this: https://github.com/geosolutions-it/geoserver-manager/wiki#working-with-maven Looking at your post, you declare a dependency instead of a repository, and the log indicates that some class is not found, which may indicate geoserver-manager is not found on your classpath.

Check your pom.xml is valid, and that geoserver-manager was downloaded and is available in your project maven dependencies.

I would then suggest you first to familiarize with the geoserver-manager using a simple java program (no need for a web application here), start familiarizing with the examples provided here https://github.com/geosolutions-it/geoserver-manager/wiki/Various-Examples#some-examples It can be the one you pasted to create a workspace.

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