I am preparing a pmf which includes a custom grid overlay. To clarify: a custom grid overlay is marginalia, not a feature class with geometry (so a scale dependecy inside a layer won't work). The final user, in ArcReader, will interact with this map at any scale, zooming in and out as they please. So far, the grid intervals stay the same, regardless of scale, which results in too many grid values at small scales and too few grid values at large scales.

Any suggestions?


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In the old days, before automatic graticules were possible, we dealt with this by creating graticule feature classes (well, coverages, shapefiles and mapinfo tables then) using the fishnet command. There is no means to control labels at the neatline but it handles the grid part nicely.

Make sure to create the grids in geographic lat-long coordinate system and then densify them so that when used in a projected space like Albers or UTM they curve nicely (else only the corners are accurate).

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