We are building an app starting from the ArcGIS Tax Parcel Viewer. I have added buttons to allow users to switch to Street View or Pictometry when they click on the map. All that is working fine, but now I want to change to a custom cursor after pressing a button so they know when these options have been turned on.

Using CSS like this:

cursor: url(../images/cursors/Pictometry.cur), default;

I have been able to turn on the custom cursors over pretty much every DIV in the page except the map. Even when I enable it for the entire <html> or <body> tags, as soon as the cursor goes over the map, it reverts to the default look. So far, I have been unable to locate any CSS or HTML elements that I can change to enable this (either in the code or programmatically). Does anyone know if this can even be changed, and if so, where?

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You can use


Here is the api reference

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