I have a folder having multiple geodatabase and I am calling that folder “Multiplegdb” There are 3 geodatabase in a folder which are as follows:

  • ABC.gdb

  • UVW.gdb

  • XYZ.gdb

Each geodatabase have several ‘Feature Dataset’ and each ‘Feature dataset’ have several ‘Feature Classes’.

My task:

I would like to list all the features datasets and feature classes in each geodatabase in a folder into CSV. I also would like to get the metadata information from each feature class into CSV file. The format of CSV file will be: GDB Name, Feature Dataset Name, Feature Classes name, Summary, Descriptions, Credits, Date Modified, File path.

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If I were undertaking this task I would first break it into two "halves":

  1. Reading geodatabases and printing results
  2. Writing results to CSV

I think this question should focus on just the first of these, and within that start by writing a code snippet that uses ListWorkspaces, ListFeatureDatasets and ListFeatureClasses to print the name of every feature class, in every feature dataset, in every geodatabase, in a single folder.

Once that is working, if your geodatabases are not all in one folder then begin to write a code snippet that uses arcpy.da.Walk to walk through your folder structure looking for them.

Writing results to CSV is more of a StackOverflow (Python) rather than GIS Stack Exchange (ArcPy) question so while there may be snippets here to do that, if you do not find them, then the place to ask is StackOverflow.