Does anybody know some Exonyms dataset?

What I would like to find is a list of Europe cities/toponyms in different languages where all the cities refer to the same.

Example: London, Londra, Londres, Londino --> All refer to London

I don't know if this exists. The idea is to find some database that I can download, in order to make as authomatic as possible, and not copy-paste it.

I've searched in the net, but have not found anything.


This information is captured in the alternate names field in the GeoNames database. You'll need the alternatenames.zip file that contains lists of names like:

2020600 2634688 fr Gare de Londres Waterloo
2020602 2634688 de London Waterloo Station
2020603 2634688 pl Waterloo Station
2020604 2634688 fi Waterloon rautatieasema
2020605 2634688 nl Waterloo Station
2020606 2634688 pt Estação Waterloo
2428532 2634688 en London Waterloo station
3172599 2634688 Waterloo Station
5811502 2634688 abbr WAT 8435719 2634688 iata QQW
8435720 2634688 link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Waterloo_station

for any place in the full database that has an alternate name.

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