My tif image data type is float (i.e. my data is between -1 to +1) and I want to convert it into 8bit unsigned integer.

I used ERDAS IMAGINE import tool to do this, while converting it into img also.

However, in the output image the data is only shows 0 and 1.

I want to convert -1 as 0 and +1 as 255.

How can I do this in ERDAS IMAGINE and ArcGIS for Desktop?

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You could try Linear Contrast Stretch (Linear Contrast Stretch, Pg 145) in ERDAS IMAGINE. This tool will assess the minimum and maximum DN/pixel value in your image and stretch it in the range of 0-255.

The same can also be done using ArcGIS, as you required. Linear Stretch using ArcGIS.

This is a form of radiometric enhancement of the image, wherein you can shift the min-min values of the image as desired....

Let me know if this helps, and happy to help with more queries until you get your results...

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