This question is just theoretical but it occurs to me that it can't be all that impossible.

Seeing as how Google is just a big web spider that essentially starts out at one page, like index everything starting at such and such a page dealing with basketball, how difficult/impossible would it be to give a starting point (GPS) from a city and have it find all the roads/intersections in a 10-mile radius for example? Basically 'crawl' and keep track or road names, gps points, and intersections wherever it takes a fork.

The Google Maps API would probably come into big use there, the only speedbump might be the web requests max. I could use OpenStreetMap but I'm not sure it would be able to provide as much accessibility. I'd like to write as little XML parsing as possible.


(This is not exactly the solution you require - but close.)

Google Maps API (v2) Driving Radius

This takes a starting location (city centre of Memphis) and radiates out (like a spider) to 10 miles (default)

enter image description here


FULL CREDIT goes to Marcelo Montagna

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