I create a line symbol with specific gradient color and below control template:

        <Path  x:Name='Element'   StrokeThickness='10' UseLayoutRounding='False' StrokeStartLineCap='Round' StrokeEndLineCap='Round' StrokeDashCap='Round' StrokeLineJoin='Round'  RenderTransformOrigin='0.5,0.5' StrokeDashArray='0' Stretch='Fill' >
                <RadialGradientBrush GradientOrigin='8,0' Center='0,0' RadiusX='-4.5'>
                        <CompositeTransform CenterY='0.5' CenterX='0.5' />
                    <GradientStop Color='Transparent' Offset='0.588'/>
                    <GradientStop Color='Red' Offset='1'/>

Line in blend

and result is:

Line Symbol in map

What does reason of bad diplay in gradient color?

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