So I have a ModelBuilder model that uses a custom python script, and within the script there is a call to a command line interface (CLI) executable. The model runs fine on my local desktop, but when I go to publish the results to a GP server, I get the error:

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My first question is- What's the difference between a model that uses a custom python script, and a python toolbox? I've successfully published a python toolbox that contains a call to the same _cli.exe, but for other reasons needed to try converting the tool to a model.

My second question- What are my options, if any, for using a tool on a GP server that calls the .exe?

Thanks for your help!

  • I forgot to mention, the machine running the GP server already has the program associated with the cli.exe installed. – GISUser9 Oct 1 '14 at 18:09

From the perspective of someone using what you've created: there is no difference. Its a tool. Technically speaking a python toolbox (.pyt) is a python script but structured in a way that ArcGIS understands its a toolbox + tool. The model and script tool are something that live inside a toolbox (.tbx). The script tool references an independent python file (.py) or can embed it inside the .tbx. Or you can put a tool in a tool which is fine too: python script tool inside your model.

Per the solutions (right click on that error and select help): you'll want to register the folder that .exe lives in with the datastore. Thus server "wont try to copy the exe".

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