Not sure if I'm asking the right question. Never used Google Earth Pro before, but I have a 2GB KMZ file and I can't open it. Is there a way to break it down further or is there a limit to how large a kmz can be for Google Earth Pro?

  • I found a post on a Google Group suggesting to Add a Network Link rather than open it. The post indicated the software copies the data into your myplaces file when opened, whereas it doesn't with a link. I also saw this question over on Stack Overflow which might be relevant.
    – Chris W
    Oct 2, 2014 at 18:01

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I don't think KMZ has a size limit, but I'm pretty sure that a 2gb kmz file would be hard to manage by Google Earth/Pro. I would suggest you to clip it into different regions, so that you have smaller files.

You can open/change format/clip the KML using different softwares, the ones that I would use are Global Mapper / ArcGIS with Xtools.

But perhaps someone knows about a specific (and cheaper) tool for doing this.


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