I have a single "geonames" layer with 56 label classes and another few layers with around 10 label classes. Each class has a different font and colour or graphic. I would like to add most of these labels along a regular symbol in my legend. I am building my legends by converting them to graphics but it would still be nice to not to have to create a representative label for each label class manually. In case of symbology I simply make a legend, tweak the font and size of the symbols, export and work with the static graphics. I am wondering if anyone has a script or a procedure that can make a dump of all the label symbols, each a representative of each class. (I believe this could be obtained programatically since ArcMap is already doing it - Labels Tab -> Expression -> Verify -> resulting Expression Verification shows a sample label graphic.) I would like to shomehow spit out this same graphic along with the label class name onto the map layout.

Programatic VB.NET / ArcObjects solution showing how retrieve the label class name and it's symbol and would be acceptable.

I found a similar post here asking a very similar question about version 9.3 and although marked as answered it doesn't really provide a satisfactory solution. I am using 10.2.2

Figure 1: ArcMap Label Expression Verification showing that it already generates the graphic: enter image description here

Figure 2: A example I made manually showing what I would like to get from a layer with 4 label classes: enter image description here

  • I've a similar problem here. Did you finally found any solution? – Cheshire Cat Nov 18 '15 at 11:40

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