I have made a small GP tool in ArcMap, which is also having some validation code in tool validator class. And it is working fine as GP tool in ArcGIS desktop(Arcmap). But when i published the same tool as Geo-Processing service added as toolbox in ArcMap, it is not considering any validations. Ex: Disable/Enable some textboxes.

What should i do to integrate these validations in GP service also?

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There is some documentation which I am assuming that you are unaware of because you do not reference it in your question.

I encourage you to read the page entitled Authoring geoprocessing tasks with Python scripts, and in particular the section headed Tool validation code which says:

If you have experience writing script tools, you may be providing your own tool validation logic. Clients of geoprocessing service do not have the capability to execute your tool validation logic—only the server has this capability.

I have only done some rudimentary tool validation on the desktop, and have not attempted it on a geoprocessing service, but the documentation linked above suggests that there are methods for Making project data and modules tool parameters that may assist you.

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