I have successfully installed OSGeo4W64 on numerous new systems (actually EC2 instances) and had no issues. But I've run into an issue with it on a Windows 7 workstation that has a lot of JREs on it. Because of that, I set my paths from a batch to whatever JRE I need to use. But I can't get any of 64-bit versions to work:a ogrinfo --help throws the missing jvm.dll machine error message.

Which JRE should I be using and how should the pathing for the JAVA_HOME and PATH variables be set?

enter image description here


  1. Removed all JREs/SDKs.
  2. Installed JRE 1.7 (jre1.7.0_67) - 64 bit.
  3. Set the JAVA_HOME and PATH variables.
  4. Started ogrinfo.exe and received a different error:

enter image description here

  • Oh that seems to be the end of QGIS for me. Use the installer and it stops working forever. Yay. – Juncus Mar 1 at 15:00

I have got the same as 1-st message when I update from 1.11.2 to 1.11.3 by 'C:\OSGeo4W64\bin\setup.bat'. As usual I use extended mode and choose 'Set JRE environment' as additional option to automaticly selected "Install" options. I think it's not bad to have java as an option with gdal/ogr.But it was a bad idea.

After install I can't work because of the error (jvm.dll). I trace ini bat files and find that java.bat set JAVA-environmet to OSGeo root folder, where this OSGeo pack and other, as I have several of them in other folders, have no any jvm.dll. I have JRE in other folder, but I am sure it's was not installed by OSGeo pack install.

So, I run setup once more and select to uninstall 'Java env...'. After install I have several iterations of install OSGeo with other 'missing *.dll', same as You show.

I had fixed my copy of OSGeo4W64 by choosing main option 'Reinstall' in 'All' sections. After reinstall I have no problems with gdal/ogr command line utils.

  • also had the same problem after adding java to my osgeo4w installation. Reinstall in the advanced section and it now all works. – Kapanther Mar 9 '18 at 14:16

I believe the issue with OSGeo4W64 was due to the fact that I did an advanced install (although I don't recall what I chose...it was probably everything).

After purging every thing Java from the system and reinstalling the jre1.7.0_67, I still received more errors. Then I removed OSGeo4W64 and reinstalled with the Express Desktop Install:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Then proceed as normal through the install wizard.

After that, I still received this error message for ogrinfo.exe and ogr2ogr.exe:
enter image description here

I grabbed the DLL from the QGIS\bin directory (which was already installed) and put it in C:\OSGeo4W64\bin and I was able to run ogrinfo.exe and ogr2ogr.exe with no problems.

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