I am searching for any free tool which can convert ShapeFile (.shp) to MapInfo (.tab) file.

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    I think you want to export shape file (.shp) to Map infor (.tab) format is that correct ?
    – Sunil
    Dec 17, 2012 at 5:21

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If you have MapInfo you can use the Universal Translator, or you could use:




ogr2ogr is good. If you prefer a GUI you can use ogr2gui from http://www.ogr2gui.ca/en/index.php

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    – whuber
    Jul 11, 2011 at 22:18

If your really keen and like to try different software. Then you can get a 14day trial of FME from Safe software which is actually quite an interesting piece of software.


.shx files are the index files for Shapefiles (.shp) Shapefiles consist of 3 files:

  1. .shp file
  2. .shx file
  3. .dbf file

Simply exporting one of these files will not export the data. Thats a crude way of doing things.

Having said that, .SHP cannot be directly exported to non-ArcGIS format. You will need a tool like Data Interoperability to export from ArcGIS. Yes, if you have access to MapInfo, you can directly read Shapefiles (as .shp is an "open" format) and save it as TAB files!

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