arcpy has:


which can handle feature layers, but what about file geodatabase tables?

Not too hard to implement custom, but I want something with the same API as FeaturesToJSON and will be maintained by Esri as updates are made. Here is a custom solution, but I don't like it:

def feature_table_to_json(tablePath, fields='*'):
    rows = []
    with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(tablePath, field_names=fields) as cursor:
        print cursor.fields
        colnames = cursor.fields
        for row in cursor:
            rows.append(dict(zip(colnames, row)))
    date_converter = lambda r: r.isoformat() if isinstance(r, datetime.datetime) else None
    result = {}
    result['features'] = rows
    return json.dumps(result, default=date_converter)

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Sort of, but the final JSON have to be small enough fit in memory (though your sample script has that same restriction). The RecordSet object has a .JSON property so you can roll your own that way too:

r = RecordSet(tablePath)
with open('out.json', 'w') as out_file:

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