This is the code that I am using to print the bounds of my shapefile.

import fiona
import shapely
import shapely.geometry

fc = fiona.open("filename.shp")
shapefile_record = fc.next()
shape = shapely.geometry.asShape(shapefile_record['geometry'])
polygon = shapefile_record['geometry']
print polygon.bounds

However, I keep getting an error that says:

AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'bounds'

Can someone guide me as to where I am wrong?


With your example, polygon is a standard Python dict object that represents a GeoJSON geometry, which only uses standard data types, with no fancy geospatial properties.

But you can convert polygon into a shapely geometry, as you have done with shape

polygon = shapefile_record['geometry']
shape = shapely.geometry.asShape(polygon)

Fiona also has a bounds function.

>>> import fiona
>>> with fiona.open("input.shp") as src:
...     feat = next(src)
...     print fiona.bounds(feat)

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