One to many joins

Unable to export as WKT geometry

I'm trying to perform a one-to-many join between a postcode dataset (shapefile) and a csv txt dataset of addresses. I have multiple addresses per postcode, and need to be able to match all of them together.

I have seen various answers where I should export the Postcode dataset to a csv file and join together in LibreOffice etc. BUT when I try and "save as" there is no option for GEOMETRY AS_WKT ! only AS_XY etc.

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You can create a new field in you data and calculate the WKT into it - it is simple syntax: geomToWKT( $geometry )

However if you have precise keys in both datasets, there should be no problem in creating the 1 - to many join...

  • Thanks for that ! Created the WKT attribute just fine. Just got to sort out the join now .... both tables have a postcode attribution which should join, it'd be far easier to do this in QGIS than export/ import. I read somewhere that gvSIG can do this ?
    – Beedge144
    Commented Oct 15, 2014 at 9:01

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