I want to push/write some generated raster layers to my postgres database directly in R. In theory this could be supported by the rgdal package, but sadly it isn't. In the latest version only copy, but not write is supported (Can be queried by gdalDrivers() ).

Earlier this year it was announced that there might be a coding project as part of the google summer of code competition Link

Does anyone know what has happened there and if write via writeGDAL is now possible?


From the GDAL PostGIS Raster driver documentation, last updated February 2014:

write support to GDAL PostGIS Raster driver is under development

The best available tool is still raster2pgsql on a local GeoTIFF file.


Perhaps try the package 'RpostgreSQL'.

I'm not sure, if it will allow you to write spatial data to PostGresql, but you can try.

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