I'm doing a spatial query, but I always get an error:

"msPOSTGISLayerGetShape(): Query error. msPOSTGISLayerGetShape called on unopened layer (layerinfo = NULL)"

This is my code:

layerObj layerUtbs = Util.MSMap.getLayerByName("Utbs");
if (layerUtbs.queryByRect(Util.MSMap, rect) == (int)MS_RETURN_VALUE.MS_SUCCESS)
    resultCacheObj resultado = layerUtbs.getResults();

    if (resultado.numresults > 0)
        // here i got a error.
        layerUtbs.getFeature(resultado.getResult(0).shapeindex, resultado.getResult(0).tileindex);

Here's my map file configuration

        CONNECTIONTYPE postgis 
        NAME "Utbs" 
        CONNECTION "user=pmc dbname=SiteInovacao host=localhost password=123 port=5432"
        DATA "geom from (SELECT *, oid FROM pmc.utbs) as utbs using unique oid using srid=31983"




Its basically telling you whats wrong- you have not 'opened' the layer Try this:

if (resultado.numresults > 0)
                // Open layer

                // here i got a error (you shouldn't now);.
                layerUtbs.getFeature(resultado.getResult(0).shapeindex, resultado.getResult(0).tileindex);
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  • This is exactly what i want!! Thank you very much!! – Michel Andrade Jul 6 '11 at 12:28

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