I am looking to start running an ArcGIS model built in ModelBuilder in the future.

Start at a specific time.


Start in x hours.

or something similar.

When I leave the office I may have data processing in GDAL that I know will run for 3-6 hours.

I then want to process the outputs in ModelBuilder but I need to set it to start in say 8 hours.


There is no guarantee that a model exported to Python will run without debugging and, depending on your model's complexity, that debugging effort could be considerable.

I would wrap your model into a very short Python script that consists of little more than arcpy.ImportToolbox().

For example, if you have a TestModel (without an alias) in C:\test\TestToolbox.tbx:

import arcpy

You can then add this Python script (*.py) to your Scheduled Tasks of Windows.

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