I'm a newcomer on pgrouting, and I want to test its functionalities.

I've installed and configured my computer with Postgresql9.3, pgrouting2, and PostGIS.

I've downloaded from openstreetmap the .osm file of the zone I need (4.0706 North, 9.7321 East, 3.9972 South, 9.6737 West).

My problem is that it comes with 4 layers: points, lines, multipolygons, and multilinestrings.

I don't know which layer I must use to test the pgrouting routage function. I've taken the lines layer, inserted it on postgres, and added 2 columns (source:integer, target:integer, cost:double precision).

Now when I use

select pgr_createTopology('littoral_lines', 0.0001, 'geom', 'osm_id');    

where my table is littoral_lines. I get the following errors:

NOTICE:  pgr_createTopology('littoral_lines',0.0001,'geom','osm_id','source','target','true')
NOTICE:  Performing checks, pelase wait .....
NOTICE:  Creating Topology, Please wait...
NOTICE:  l'opérateur n'existe pas : character varying = integer
NOTICE:  UPDATE public.littoral_lines SET source = 1,target = 2 WHERE osm_id =  4173643
Durée totale d'exécution de la requête :1751 ms.
1 ligne récupérée.

I don't know what's wrong, if I'm using the correct table, or if I miss something. There aren't any "roads" or "ways" tables. Please, help !!!

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You should use osm2pgrouting to import the osm data into you DB, it's a command line tool that will automatically create the appropriate graph for pgrouting.



When you use OSM data for pgRouting, then you need to use special import tools. This will automatically solve your problem.

To get started I highly recommend you the pgRouting workshop, because it will exactly guide you to get pgRouting work with OSM data: http://workshop.pgrouting.org/


The problem was just that: I didn't load data with postgis with the SRID (4326 in my case). Then I've clone a geom column by creating a route table, changing the preceding geom column by the simple_geom column, with a special srid (linestring) that seems to be more comprehensible from the version 2.x of pgrouting.

CREATE TABLE routes AS SELECT *, (ST_Dump(geom)).geom AS simple_geom FROM littoral_lines WHERE geom IS NOT NULL;
SELECT UpdateGeometrySRID('routes', 'simple_geom', 4326);

now everything works fine!! Thank you.

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