I have a group of points and each point has an associated count value. How can I calculate the centroid of the group weighted by the values associated to each point?


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There is an answer on StackOverflow that gives a mathematical, but not a Postgres answer. Translating to Postgres/Postgis, you could try something like this:

select sum(st_x(pt)*weight)/sum(weight) as cx from weighted_points;
select sum(st_y(pt)*weight)/sum(weight) as cy from weighted_points;

Or if you want a point back, then,

select st_makepoint(x.cx, y.cy) from 
(select sum(st_x(pt)*weight)/sum(weight) as cx from weighted_points) x,
(select sum(st_y(pt)*weight)/sum(weight) as cy from weighted_points) y

Using Fréchet Mean as a basis for this, you could try something like the following

SELECT EXP(SUM(LN(X)*W)/SUM(W)) weightedMedianX,
    EXP(SUM(LN(Y)*W)/SUM(W)) weightedMedianY,
    EXP(SUM(LN(X))/COUNT(*)) medianX,
    EXP(SUM(LN(Y))/COUNT(*)) medianY
FROM PointTable

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