I need help with a postgres/postgis trigger.

I have a table of retaining walls, each of which is associated with the adjacent road, except where the wall abuts a junction, where it will be split and associated with the adjacent road. However it retains the same ID & name. Each wall polygon has a width of 1m and so its length equals its area. I have a field in the table which records the area/length and a working trigger to populate it. What I need is for another trigger to sum the area fields of all of the relevant records and write it to a different table.

The code from the trigger that produces the aggregate functions error is

  UPDATE roads.rds_retaining_wall_register a
SET length = sum(b.poly_area)
FROM gazetteer.lsg_special_designations b
WHERE a.refno = b.refno
AND b.gid=g;

After searching for the answer, I think I need to use a select statement to do the sum and then use that to do the update, but being new to postgres, I'm stuck with the syntax of how to do it.

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It can be done in a single update, you just need to do some subqueries.

UPDATE roads.rds_retaining_wall_register a
SET length = c.sarea
    SELECT refno, SUM(poly_area) sArea 
    FROM gazetteer.lsg_special_designations b
    WHERE refno = (SELECT refno FROM gazetteer.lsg_special_designations WHERE gid = g)
    GROUP BY b.refno
      ) c
WHERE c.refno = a.refno;

Another way would be to use a CTE to make it a bit more readable.

WITH reference AS ( -- Determine the refno we want to update
    SELECT refno FROM gazetteer.lsg_special_designations WHERE gid = g
    sumarea AS ( -- Sum the area for that refno
    SELECT SUM(poly_area) sumarea
    FROM wallReg w INNER JOIN gazetteer.lsg_special_designations r ON w.refno = r.refno
UPDATE roads.rds_retaining_wall_register a
SET length = sumarea
FROM reference r, sumarea s
WHERE r.refno = a.refno; -- Restrict the update to the refno
  • Thanks going to google CTE and try an understand what that does Commented Oct 17, 2014 at 9:56
  • Why u no upvote?? Your answer just helped me with a very different problem :)
    – n1000
    Commented Jul 1, 2015 at 20:37

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