When I tried to create a buffer layer around a polyline layer. But I got the error as follows:

The input was outside a +-360 longitude range or outside +-90 latitude.

enter image description here

The input is : dev_db.DBO.Segment

The output is : D:\local\SegBuffer.shp

The buffer size : 10 meters

The error occurs regardless of the buffer size. Any hint on it?

I am using arcmap 10.2.2.

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    Could you give a little bit more information about the dataset you want to buffer? Is it a Shapefile or from a Geodatabase? My first guess would be that there is an issue with the coordinate system. Which coordinate system are you using? – Martin Oct 20 '14 at 6:37
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    Would you be able to copy/paste (or re-type) the precise error/warning message into your question as text, please? The picture is useful too but will not show up in a search. Would you also be able to include the precise parameter values that you supplied to the buffer tool, please? – PolyGeo Oct 20 '14 at 6:48
  • Hi Martin, I am buffering a Geodatabase layer. The coordinate system is GCS_SVY21. – ppLily Oct 20 '14 at 7:03
  • Unfortunately I couldn´t reproduce the error. What kind of database are you using (ESRI or other)? Might not be a bad idea to see how the coordinates are saved in the database to check if the error message is correct. – Martin Oct 20 '14 at 7:54
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    I can't reproduce it either, and even googling yields no result. Deducing from the error message I'd say it could be a problem with a geometry which sits outside the defined bounds of your coordinate system, but all I get is a warning: conflict between map and output. I would take this to ESRI if I were you, especially as there is no online source at all (not even one from ESRI!) which references your error. – Menno Oct 20 '14 at 8:55

I get the same error and I can't figure why. I noticed that this happens only when attempting to make a geodesic buffer on polyline or polygon (but not on point) features with a non-earth geographic coordinate system. I still can't figure why this happens, but I figured out two possible workarounds:

  • WORKAROUND #1 (easiest one):

    Use the "Buffer Wizard" tool (Customize > Toolbars > Customize... > Commands > search for "Buffer Wizard") instead of the ArcToolbox Buffer tool. This tool does not return the error.

  • WORKAROUND #2 (useful just for polylines):

    1) Densify your polyline vertices (i.e. System Toolboxes > Editing Tools > Densify);

    2) Convert your polyline features to point features;

    3) Use the Buffer tool (i.e. System Toolboxes > Analysis Tools > Proximity > Buffer) setting Method = GEODESIC AND Dissolve type = ALL.

However, I hope that an actual solution to this problem comes out sooner or later.

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