I am trying to link a CSV to a shapefile using the method as described in this tutorial: http://maps.cga.harvard.edu/qgis/wkshop/join_csv.php

It seems to work fine but the problem is that the CSV when imported in QGIS reads all data as strings. I found a suggestion online to save another file as csvt. In the same location (see Changing CSV layer attribute value from text to number in QGIS?) and I tried using “text wrangler” and “text edit” but it didn't work out.

Can anyone suggest a solution that works on a MAC (QGIS: 2.4.0-Chugiak)?

  • Awesome, glad it works Pama! I will post the comment as an answer for the convenience of others. – Joseph Oct 21 '14 at 14:22

You can use the Field Calculator to create a new column and then use a similar command like the following in the expression:

toreal("your column") 

for real numbers.

toint("your column") 

for integers.

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