I want to display vector graphics on raster graphics and I have vector scheme in GDSII format.

There are some viewers for GDSII like KLayout for example, but they don't support raster graphics.

Is there any out-the-box solution? If no, if I know how to parse my vector graphics(for example I can get lines or polygons) can I somehow convert them to some format that some GIS system takes?

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    I see Sketchup has a GDSII importer available (search GDSII on that page). You might be able to pull it into there and then export an more GIS consumable format. All other references I see are to highly specialized oil and gas software. The two big translators I know of, FME and Esri Data Interoperability, don't mention it in supported formats. – Chris W Oct 21 '14 at 19:50

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