My team is using the 2010 Russian Census and we'd like to have polygons that correspond to these population values. We're flexible to any sort of polygon format (shapefiles, GeoJSON, KML, etc). However we'd like low-level administrative boundaries, probably at the 'district' level.

We're currently using polygons from OSM, but would like to try polygons officially associated with the census (like the TIGER files are associated with the US Census values). I imagine these files exist somewhere internally within the Russian Census organization, so the staff can associate the right people with each administrative area.

Are these files publicly available? If not, what is the best alternative, or where should we look? Our team has a few native Russian speakers, so the material can be in Russian.

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You can download administrative shapefiles from here. Simply select Russia as your Country and Administrative areas as your Subject. You will receive 3 shapefiles of differing administrative levels so you can choose what level you would like. Here is are some attributes for the lowest level:


Hope this helps.

  • Thanks, @Joseph, I don't think we had considered this source. However, these files don't have an OKATA number that I recognize. And we suspect these aren't a 1-to-1 match with the OKATO population data. There are 5198 OKATO areas, and RUS_adm2.df has only 2447 rows.
    – wibeasley
    Commented Oct 29, 2014 at 14:40
  • Ahh apologies, I did not know which classification type you were using. Hopefully others will advise on such sources.
    – Joseph
    Commented Oct 29, 2014 at 14:44

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