I am trying to use the cartodb.core.js library to render my own tiles. According to what I see, the Tiles library is only available in the cartodb.core.js. And if we use that we don't get the createLayer function, which is fine if I can just get the Tiles to load, and I can render them myself:

var layerData = {
  user_name: 'swc28',
  sublayers: [{
    sql: "SELECT * FROM zoning",
    cartocss: '#layer { marker-fill: #F0F0F0; }'
cartodb.Tiles.getTiles(layerData, function(tiles, err) {
  if(tiles == null) {
    console.log("error: ", err.errors.join('\n'));
  console.log("url template is ", tiles.tiles[0]);

But I've never rendered layers like this myself, and I looked at the library without much success to figure out how to do it. So my question is: How does the CartoDB UI library render the tiles from a template url that is returned form the call above?

The template url looks like this:


It depends on the mapping library you are using, each one has its own way to add tiled layers.

For example for leaflet the way to do this would be:


I've created a full example.


  • Thanks! I wonder if it's possible to also simulate the featureOver events of the vis library with this approach.
    – picardo
    Oct 25 '14 at 15:41
  • Yes, you'd need to use leaflet utfgrid plugin and the urls cartodb provides for interaction Oct 25 '14 at 23:25

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