I have downloaded the Tiger data for a map I'm working on and wonder if there is somewhere I can download the common formatting styles for these shapes so I don't have to reinvent the wheel. For example, interstates are blue with the number in an interstate symbol, highways red, water is blue, etc. etc.

Obviously I can manually go in and set that for everything, but I wonder if that has already been done somewhere so I don't have to spend the hours reinventing what I'm sure has been done countless times before.

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Couldn't find much but someone has already made a sample style layer for common line styles in TIGER shapefiles such as freeways/highways etc. You can download it from here by selecting the QGIS Styles hyperlink on the left-hand side.

It includes several files such as a sample shapefile and style files of the following:

  • PLSS_Sections.qml - A QGIS style file for symbolizing and labelling polygons representing Sections of the United States Public Lands Survey System.

  • StreetMap.qml - Another QGIS style file for symbolizing streets and street names.

  • StreetNamesImagery.qml - A third style file is used for labelling TIGER street names on top of imagery.

There is a list MAF/TIGER Feature Class Code Definitions which was developed by the US Census Bureau to classify and describe geographic objects or features.

But alternatively, you could Save your style layer and load it for each of your desired layers instead of having to constantly 're-invent' them:

Save style

  • Most welcome buddy! Hope it was helpful.
    – Joseph
    Oct 28, 2014 at 15:17

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