I have been searching for solutions to call GeoServer REST api from OpenLayers 3 for a long time.

I found that for OpenLayers 2, there is a OpenLayers class OpenLayers.Request for doing this: http://docs.openlayers.org/library/request.html

But for OpenLayers 3, I can't find a similar class. I tried a lot of online code for PHP proxying (andjsonp) trying to do the same without OpenLayers.Request, to no avail.

What is the correct/most reliable way to call GeoServer Rest from OpenLayers3 (or even general JavaScript with jQuery/AJAX)?


Internally OL3 uses Google Closure XhrIo to load data in vector layers.

OL3 philosophy has changed, now is a more concrete library, mainly oriented for gis mapping, instead a general purpose library like OL2.

OL3 leave to the user tasks like AJAX request. You can make them using XMLHttpRequest or through any other library like jQuery or Google Closure.

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