After reading Enabling multithreaded processing in QGIS?, I was wondering if QGIS 2.6 will include this when running various processes. I checked online and I could only find that multi-threaded rendering was introduced to QGIS 2.4 (I assume it will again be available in 2.6). Now maps can be redrawn very quickly especially when dealing with large datasets.

I read that it's fairly difficult to include multi-threading to core functionality and that users are advised to manipulate Python code in order to achieve this, such as in Parallelising GIS operations in PyQGIS?.

I also checked the feature request but it has been closed for 9 months now by Tim Sutton with the last comment being:

"I'm closing this out - Martin Dobias has an implementation in a branch which will be merged post QGIS 2.2"

Will some functions in QGIS 2.6 exploit multi-threading (or will it again be focused on rendering) and if not, will that change at QGIS 3.0?


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Rendering only at this current time (QGIS 2.6).

Martin and I have talked about some kind of generic threaded process API but it's just talks at this current time.


I think that the answer for QGIS 3.0 may be found in this recent conversation posted in Nabble:

Will Processing in QGIS 3 support parallelization?

Citing Nyall Dawson:

If you're after parallelization within a single algorithm (Eg buffering features using multiple threads) then I'm unaware of any plans in place to handle this.


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