I am using qgis 2.4 and i am looking for the "easiest" way to execute e.g. the r.in.gdal function from the python console in qgis.

Specifically for r.in.gdal, I could not found this function in processing module (i.e. import processing; processing.alglist('r.in')), thus, processing module seems not to be the way to go ?!?

Before executing a grass command the mapset needs to be opened. Which command does this job?

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r.in.gdal is a command to import rasters into GRASS GIS, not into QGIS

There are two options to use GRASS GIS in QGIS:

1) with the grass plugin

  • you are working in GRASS GIS and you can use r.in.gdal in the Python console of GRASS GIS to import a raster into a Location/Mapset.

2) from processing

  • you are working in QGIS with a "virtual" Location/Mapset that has nothing to do with the Location/Mapset of 1), therefore r.in.gdal is useless -> use the the PyQGIS solution in the Python console of QGIS

You can also use osgeo.gdal to import a raster into a GRASS GIS Location/Mapset.

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