I'm using cartodb.js on my website and it were working fine. But couple of days ago I found that cartodb layer is not loading properly. When I check the console in Firefox, I found this error

ReferenceError: functionreturn_cdbc_cartodb is not defined

I search on google but there exist no suggestions. Clicking on error show

"layergroupid": "an_id_written_here",
"cdn_url": {
    "http": "ashbu.cartocdn.com",
    "https": "cartocdn-ashbu.global.ssl.fastly.net"
"last_updated": "2014-10-29T05:03:33.820Z"

This is how I'm adding my layer

 cartodb.createLayer(map, url)
 .addTo(map).on('done', function(layer) {

Another thing is, I'm using same way to add layers on other pages of my website and this function is working properly on those pages. I'm using google maps for base maps.

Any suggestions would be warmly welcome.

  • could you share an example so I can check the problem? Commented Oct 31, 2014 at 10:02
  • do you want the webpage link where this is happening?
    – muzaffar
    Commented Nov 4, 2014 at 9:42

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As I mentioned in the Question that I'm using same way to add layers on other pages and the code is working fine there.

So, I started debugging my page line by line and found that I had added Jquery twice in the page. Removing one link of Jquery resolved above mentioned problem.

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