I'm trying to view layer data in a data grid, everything is fine, but when the data contains domain values, its place stays empty, and does not view any data? any one can help how to view it? Or am I supposed to build the table manually? Thanks


Yes you need to build the drop down manually.

When a featureclass contains a field to which the coded value domain is setup, in that case, you get only the index values, and not the description as the attribute value.

If you look at the fields object on the query response, you'll see that it contains the domain, and using that, manually you'll have to set up the values, and the drop down if you wish.

  • another question please, I have this code: grid= new OnDemandGrid({ store: new Memory({ idProperty: "OBJECTID" }), columns:{ OBJECTID: "OBJECTID", P_NUMBER:"P_NUMBER", B_NUMBER: "B_NUMBER", P_LAND_USE: { name: "P_LAND_USE", formatter: function() { } } }, sort: sortAttr }, "grid"); In formatter function, how to get the data being rendered to work on it? can you help me? – Omar Taha Oct 30 '14 at 10:56

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