is there any math formula for transforming from EPSG:4326 to EPSG:3857 ? i want to implement it in php code


Projection EPSG:3857 uses the method EPSG:1024 for Forward and Reverse calculations.

The method is fully documented at Geomatics Guidance Note No 7, part 2

There's an mathematical example at page 40 where you can use to cross-reference your code.

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    the given link in the answer is broken – gansub Oct 26 '17 at 10:41

I got a C# code for using in unity engine.

Here the code below :

public static double[] latLonToMeters(double lat, double lon)
    //Debug.Log(Mathd.Tan((90d + lat) * Mathd.PI / 720));
    //Debug.Log(Mathd.Tan((90d + lat) * Mathd.PI / 360d));
    double[] meters = new double[2];
    meters[0] = lat * originShift / 180d;
    meters[1] = Mathd.Log(Mathd.Tan((90d+lon) * Mathd.PI / 360d)) / (Mathd.PI / 180d);
    //meters[1] = Mathd.Log(5) / (Mathd.PI / 180d);
    meters[1] = meters[1] * originShift / 180d;
    return meters;

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