I have an Excel file with the coordinates (Latitude/Longitude) for an area. The file contains the coordinate of two corners in the latitude/longitude format.

How can we do to use Python to iterate the process for all coordinates and to export into XY coordinates?

Example of my file:

N°1:  Min_Long   Max_Long  Min_Lat   Max_Lat
     1.5        2.833      6.25         7.33

N°2  -13        5          10          25

... ...

Or else is there a tool in ArcGIS similar to "Add X,Y Data" in ArcMap, that can be used to automatically add this lat/long format?


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There is a code sample in the Online Help for ListBookmarks that could be adapted to do this fairly quickly.

That code reads bookmarks from a map, whereas yours would need to use a search sursor to read rows from an Excel spreadsheet instead, but the harder part of using arcpy.da.InsertCursor to write your rectangles to a feature class would be identical.

You'll find the code under the heading of:

ListBookmarks example 3

This sample will convert each bookmark in a map document to a feature.

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