I think I am a bit confused with CartoDB when doing maps at runtime.

Let's say I have a Cluster Map that includes all my data. However, I want to filter by a field. I thought one could simply set the new SQL (SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE field = 'foo') to the sublayer,as it is done inside the platform, to select a subset and the visualization was to to be applied.

This does not appear to be the case, the SQL is a complex expression that includes all the calculation and has a lot of parameters making very difficult to reuse it.

Does anyone have a solution for this case? I dont think you MUST create a new visualization.


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If you want a ClusterMap at run time, you need to work with SQL AND CartoCSS.

For example, with CartoDB.js, you would need to copy and paste both (sql and cartocss) from Editor to CartoDB.js when you are setting the visualization.

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