I'm trying to animate the opening and closing of particular businesses using yearly travel guides. I've created a data base that contains all the addresses and all of the years they appear so for instance:

1965 Copper Lantern
1966 Copper Lantern
1967 Copper Lantern

When visualizing the data using Carto DB the animation is spotty and it seems that it is looking for information for every single month of each year. How can I change this so that it only animates the entire year rather than each month in the year?

I am completely new to all of this.


You'd need to change the steps in torque animation.

If you are using the wizard just set steps to the same number of years you have.

If you use cartocss use:

-torque-frame-count: NUMBER_OF_YEARS;,

  • This doesn't work. I have 9 years thus far and when I enter 9 in the frame count the animation is blank and at year 8 they all show up and disappear at year nine. My dates are in a column that is a "number" data type, not "date" data type...could this be causing the problem? – Danny Jauregui May 1 '15 at 1:05

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