My set-up:

Currently I’m using a PostGIS database, with a GeoServer service and displaying the data with OpenLayers 3. I use WFS data to display the features in clusters and I’m able to edit them with WFS-T. The PostGIS database is very large ~250.000 features but I load them with the WFSBBOXLoader strategy. With the ol3edit template from Boundless, this works very well.

My question:

What is the best way/set-up to allow only registered user to modify features with the ol3 WFS-T system, such that the user can register themselves?

Should I even use my current set-up or other API's? I just need the direction/ideas I should go... :)

PS: I don't like drupal+extensions...

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I am thinking about the same questions at the moment. We are looking into securing a WFS-T for a government contract.

Depending on your setup you may send the request from your client to a custom service using XACML which checks the current user and then either rejects or forwards the AJAX call to Geoserver.

There is probably a lot of work involved to get this right. I am also afraid that XACML service may slow the whole process too much down.

Alternatively I am thinking about securing the WFS just by limiting the access control to y domain. In that case it should not be possible to do anything from an outside script. And you can use any means of access control to applications/scripts running on your domain.

Cheers, Dennis


Have you considered GeoNode? It's based on Django which is used for user/groups authentication and it is using the same stack you mentioned (Postgres/PostGIS Geoserver & Openlayers) http://geonode.org/

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