I have a postgis(v2.1.3)/postgresql(v9.3) database with geometry (geom1, geom2, etc.) and attribute (attr1, attr2, attr3, etc.) tables. The attribute tables are linked to the geometry tables using foreign keys. I use QGIS to view all these tables. I want to select features in QGIS (either using a rectangle, polygone or manual select) from the map and then create a mini-database using only these selected features (from the geometry tables) and the relevant records from the attribute tables. Is this possible? Ideally I want the mini-database to be in spatialite/sqlite but I can find a way to convert from postgis to spatialite using ogr2ogr.


Sounds like you may have two options:

  1. Add all tables into QGIS, perform Joins on geom and non geom tables, select features in map and save selection as spatiallite DB


  1. Create a spatial view in POSTGIS, add view to QGIS, select features in map and save selection as spatiallite DB
  • Thanks for the 2 options, they work but at the cost of losing the structure of my database. Also, I have multiple cases of cardinality 1:N, eg one geometry feature has multiple entries in the attr1, attr2, etc. tables). Trying to recreate the structure of the database is going to be a pain! – lavaman Nov 10 '14 at 17:23

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