I'm using the rest API to add a feature to a public feature layer and it's giving me the error "Error: 1000, Description: The given key was not present in the dictionary". What does this mean? How do I fix?

My feature service: http://services2.arcgis.com/lfD49qylDsb6IIcE/arcgis/rest/services/PropertiesWordpressLoading/FeatureServer/0

I add my feature using this form: /services/PropertiesWordpressLoading/FeatureServer/0/applyEdits

My json: [ { "geometry" : {"x" : -86.288146369965, "y" : 32.842269287433}, "attributes" : { "CATEGORY" : 'For Sale', "LIST_ID" : '00-000', "CMN_NAME" : 'Toly Test Tract' } } ]

I get the same result if I use the form located in http://services2.arcgis.com/lfD49qylDsb6IIcE/arcgis/rest/services/PropertiesWordpressLoading/FeatureServer/0/addFeatures

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Turns out this is an esri bug having something to do with time-aware layers. When I turned off time awareness, everything worked.

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