I want to open a netCDF file and create a raster with ArcMap 10.2. The file contains the mean monthly temperature for Switzerland. I found it in meteoswiss web site.

I tried to open it with the multidimension tool and make a netCDF raster layer but when I select the file to open automatically gis put the info in X dimension and Y dimension but I have the error 000237 (One or more dimensions are invalid). Even if I change the variable for the x and y dimensions I have still the same error.

I tried also to drop the file directly into ArcMap and in that case I have just a point (and a message saying that there is no coordinate system so I added the coordinate system, WGS 1984, but nothing changes).

I found this question that I found helpful: Importing NetCDF file to ArcGIS Desktop as point feature layer? but my problem is that I can't create the file with the coordinate.

How can I solve my problem?

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If you are using ArcGIS 10.3.1 you can just drag and drop. I downloaded a SST raster from NOAA and dragged it into a dataframe that was pre-set to WGS84. Worked a treat!


There are likely many ways to solve this, but now that ESRI provides the Multidimensional Supplemental Tools that includes the NetCDF4-Python library, one way is to load subsets of local NetCDF files or remote OPeNDAP datasets into raster using scripts like this:


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