I am attempting a simple plugin, on QGIS 2.6, using the available QT Designer installed

I have successfully loaded a plugin, and can display a dialog box with widgets, within, and now attacking filling the widgets/views. I see the combobox "additem" code in the plugin example, but veer away towards my goal: to create a list from which I can select one or more rows. I am assuming, hopefully correctly, that the ComboBox does not have multi-row selections. I can make the combobox example work.

I dropped a listview, and also tried a listwidget, on to the dlg in QT. (deciphering why they are different is an ongoing problem.....)

However, I can not code the addrow/additem method, or what ever it is that makes these objects work, to pull in the layer list.

I need assistance in pointing me to an object description for listview which clearly shows the methods, and perhaps examples. All i have landed on, so far, are explanations such as: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qlistview.html which is no help, probably because I am a programmer who is a notice at Python/QT/QGIS. I can't locate the equivalent for "additem", either in the listview methods, or the background classes. I'm lost....

Where can one turn for a functional manual for the widgets and etc, in QT, from which I can easily decipher adding/setting data/ etc. for a widget? Or examples?

Or, alternatively, is there a method to the madness to the manuals that someone can point out, so that I can skate through and answer my own questions?

[[Hopefully, I am correct in looking towards the QT manuals, online, as it seems the object classes I am playing with derive from there. Yet, I do wonder if there is alternate object definitions, elsewhere?]]

Thanks, in advance...

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