I have a map of property lines in MapServer and the lines look rough and have jagged edges and I wonder if there is anyway to make the lines appear smoother and more rounded in Mapserver 5.6.8?

The layer settings look like the following in XML:

<layer datasource="ds_PROPERTY" name="ds_PROPERTY" type="line">[datasource:ds_PROPERTY.mapfile-datasource]
             <color>0 0 0</color>
            <outlinecolor>0 0 0 </outlinecolor>

enter image description here


It is not possible with version 5.6.8 but if you update to version 6.4 you can use the SIA shape smoothing algorithm. The RFC of the feature is in http://mapserver.org/development/rfc/ms-rfc-94.html and current documentation about the usage in http://mapserver.org/output/shape_smoothing.html#shape-smoothing.

If you must to stay with the old 5.6.8 the only thing you can do is to pre-process the data with some other tools to shorter and more smooth segments. Applying a style that draws thicker lines makes some smoothing effect as well.

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